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CyberpowerPC Gamer Master AMD Ryzen 3


CyberpowerPC Gamer Xtreme Intel i5

When it arises to gaming pc, no one hits the CyberPower PC. To make sure you having the power to play most recent and latest games available, we facilitate the flawless arrangement of performance, value and quality.

Here we recognize and provide an excess of options that each gamer has different partiality that is why we also worth here at Cyberpower PC. We struggle to gratify to what gamers need and relish, from impartial gaming PCs to 2-in-1 gaming PCs that chains a gaming PC with a flowing.

If you are scheduling to buy a cyberpower 800 dollar pc for your gaming workspace, you are on the right platform. To choose the PC one for your gaming, we will clarify all the disclaimers and features of the gaming pc which will guide you. We’ll also inform you about all the secret features of any cyberpower 800 dollar pc, about which will tell you and you couldn’t find in the market yourself.

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With a lot of money consumed on a gaming pc, it can be with limitless resources, but here we are to focus on the reasonable budget and good quality. With good provisions that provide you good gaming speed and charming run of modern games that you can stream, if you get the best cheap gaming pc.

You’ll need to check the processor, Hard Disk, and RAM after graphics. These ae the major manufacturing block of any gaming pc. To come up with these disclaimers to give you the best pre-built gaming pc under 800, that’s why we perform centuries of arrangements. To get you guarantee on our selection, with all these dealings discussed let’s hop over to the details of these computers, we will cover all the required specifications for a good gaming computer.

CyberPower PC is aover-all leader of custom gaming pcs, custom gaming laptops, small form feature pcs, desktop workstations, 4K Gaming systems, and Cyber Gaming consoles. With careful attention to detail and supreme value, CyberPower PC gaming pcs are accumulated in the USA. From famous media magazines, our devotion to high quality gaming pcs has produced us some of the industry’s most significant awards, as PC Gamer, Maximum PC, An and tech, and so on. You may easily form your dream PC with cyberpower 800 dollar pc on the platform you are right here.

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Table of Contents

1. CyberpowerPC Gamer Master AMD Ryzen 3



  • AMD Ryzen 3 3100 3.6GHz 4-Core | AMD A320 chipset
  • 8GB DDR4 SDRAM | 240GB SSD Solid State Drive | 2TB Hard Disk Drive
  • 1x HDMI | NIVIDIA GeForce GTX 1030 2GB Video Card | Genuine Windows 10 Home
  • 1x RJ-45 Network Ethernet 10/100/1000 | Wi-Fi 802.11ac | 7.1 Audio Channel
  • 2x USB 2.0 | 6x USB 3.1 | 7 RGB Colors Gaming Mouse


To our customer’s favorite, CyberPower PC prides itself for brilliant regulating and eminence. At any time, if you want to modify your gaming pc, from the instant they make their purchase to the totality of their gaming PC’s life cycle, customers at CyberPower PC are assured to be gratified. For gaming systems, CyberPower PC views as the foremost choice, through the options we offer to the excellence of our goods.

More usually than not this is often because of an invalid driver not being able to play a new launch, the graphics card can sometimes extant challenges while gaming. Over the year, gaming, either on a handheld device, a console or on the desktop, has become progressively exclusive. However, CyberPower PC has delivered us with a system for review that somewhat blames the drift, mostly because of the exponential development of processing power and the R7D required, coming in at under the budget for very proficient gaming system.

Dimensions of this cyberpower 800 dollar pc are “21.51” L, “21.5” W, and “12.91” inches H. this pc has an operating system OS of Windows 10 Home with processor count of 4. Hard drive interface of this pc is Serial ATA-600 with hard drive rotational speed of 5400 RPM. This package weighs about 31.6 pounds.

Established by AMD’s latest Ryzen CPU and associated with AM4 creator, cyberpower pc 800 Gamer Master series is a line of gaming PCs. with quick processing speeds up to 8 threads or 4 cores for unforced multi-tasking, they Ryzen 3 CPU is the core to the series. With NIVIDIA’s GeForce graphics card this CyberPower PC Master Gamer Series provide great frame rates and flawless image quality in the newest PC games.

  • Generally speaking execution is acceptable
  • Altered glass accompanying current plan
  • Open inside
  • A bit costly
  • No frill


cyberpower 800 cheap pc


  • AMD 760G chipset | AMD Ryzen FX-6300 3.5GHz 6-Core
  • 8GB DDR3 SDRAM | 240GB SSD Solid State Drive
  • NIVIDA GeForce GT 710 1GB Graphics Video Card | 1x HDMI
  • Windows 10 Home Genuine 64-bit | 6x USB 2.0 | Wi-Fi 802.11ac
  • 1x RJ-45 Network Ethernet 10/100/1000 | 7.1 Audio Channel | 7 RGB Colors Gaming Mouse | 1 Year labor & parts warrant | free lifetime technical care


In the shape of CYBERPOWER PC Gamer Master Series is the first beat of buffet which is about to reveal in front of you. There are many causes why this pc is number one in our top list of the best cyberpower pc 800 for gaming, the processor of CYBERPOWER PC Gamer Master Series is one the main reason.

With the 3.5GHz speed of processor, this pc arises with AMD Ryzen FX-6300  process and 6-Cores. Graphics card is the next another surprising point for the gaming specially. This CYBERPOWER PC with NIVIDIA GeForce GT 710 graphics card boosts your gaming frame ratings.

Product measurements are “24” L, “23” W, and “13” inches H. thiscyberpower 800 dollar pc has Solid State Interface of Hard Drive with Hard Drive Rotational speed of 0.1 RPM. This CYBERPOWERPC Gamer Master series has an operating system of Windows 10 Home with processor count of 6.

After discovering the Graphics Card and Processor of this cyberpower 800 dollar pc, we go further for other amazing features. With great open eyes and great care RAM is the next big feature that a gamer need for gaming. With 8GB of RAM this cyberpower 800 dollar pc is quite enough for a good gaming computer, but always you have the option to upgrade it with 16GB of RAM or more. Overall this is amazing pc for any gaming activity or any other tasks which are greatly understood as the best pc.

  • Accompanies a high level fluid cooling framework
  • This PC offers very amazing, stable, and quiet execution
  • Having 240GB SSD this PC requires some investment
  • This framework isn't viable with obsolete working frameworks.
  • The scope of the inbuilt Wi-Fi isn't exceptionally fulfilling

3. CYBERPOWERPC Gamer Xtreme Core-i3

cyberpower 800 cheap


  • Intel B460 Chipset | Intel Core i3-10105F 3.7GHz Quad-Core
  • 8GB DDR4 SDRAM | 500GB PCIeNVMe SSD Solid State Drive
  • Intel Iris Xe 4GB Graphics Card | Windows 10 Home Genuine 64-bit
  • 1x HDMI | 6x USB 3.1 | 2x USB 2.0 | 7.1 Audio Channel
  • 1x RJ-45 Network Ethernet 10/100/1000 | Wi-Fi 802.11ac | 7 RGB Colors Gaming Mouse


Introducing With cyberpower 800 dollar pc you can make choosing your next gaming system easy with several configurations at price points for shops to click and buy with our new Direct Ship gaming PCs that we ship out with 1 business day with free delivery.

To your particular conditions we can build systems to your careful specifications and offer you one of the biggest selection of components from top brands such as Corsair, CYBERPOWER, Western Digital, NZXT, ASUS, EVGA and so on.

To our user’s preference, cyberpower 800 dollar pc prides itself for its excellent quality and altering. With customization you gaming PC at any time, to the entirely of their gaming PC’s life cycle, consumers at cyberpower 800 dollar pc are guaranteed to be satisfied form the moment the make their purchase.

Dimensions of this cyberpower 800 dollar pc are “24” L, “23” W, and “13” inches H. this cyberpower 800 dollar pc has an operating system of Windows 10 Home with processor count of 4. Hard drive interface of this system is Solid State with weight of about 32 pounds.

Step into your game and break down the boundaries with more fabulous graphics than ever before with the new DirectX 12 technology. To produce better graphics and greater FPS, Windows 10’s API is armed with new features that will provide quicker processing in real time as well as compact power consumption to play longer.

Hope, you would consider upon our suggestions given above all about the cyberpower 800 dollar pc.

  • Strong height
  • Changed OS support
  • Remote availability
  • Thunderclap 3 ports are absent
  • Need to improve their cooling capacities

4. CYBERPOWERPC Gamer Xtreme Intel i5



  • NIVIDIA GeForce GTX 1050 Ti 4GB Graphics Videos Card
  • Intel Core i5-9600k 3.7GHz 6-Core | Intel Chipset B360
  • 8GB DDR4SDRAM | 500GB PCI-e NVMe SSD Solid State Drive
  • 1x RJ-45 Network Ethernet 10/100/1000 | Wi-Fi 802.11AC | 7.1 Audio Channel
  • Windows 10 Home Genuine 64-bit | 1x DisplayPort | 1x HDMI | 6x USB 3.1 | 2x USB 2.0


With the cyberpower 800 dollar pc Gamer Xtreme series of the the gaming desktop you can extinguish the competition. The gamer Xtreme series features the latest generation of high performance Intel Core Processors and ultra-quick DDR RAM to simply manage the system severe tasks, such as gaming and high definition video playback.

With cyberpower 800 dollar pc Gamer Xtreme series desktop systems you can experience superior gaming performance. It is driven by the 3.7GHz Intel Core-i5 processor optimum efficiency. Huge 8GB of RAM enables seamless multitasking and enhances software approach ability. To store huge files and software, this system is equipped with 500GB of SSD storage.

This package weighs about 24.1 pounds and dimensions of this cyberpower pc 800 are “24.2” L, “22” W, and “12” inches H. this system has an operating system of Windows 10 Home with processor count of 6. With Hard Drive Rotational speed of 0.1 RPM this system has Hard Drive Interface of Solid State Drive.

You might get amusement with it after gaming and any other sort of multi-tasking. This cyberpower 800 dollar pc is not only renowned among the top gamers but also everyone who accomplishes his tasks relish this system.

We hope that you might thing upon our products after reviewing and looking at all our guidance suggested here, which is highly recommended as well.

  • Spending plan esteemed – better than own structure
  • A ton of ports
  • Fast execution/premium parts
  • One can't run this gadget with the old working frameworks.
  • Pricy for relaxed clients

5. CYBERPOWER PC Gamer Master AMD Ryzen 3 3100

cyberpower 800 cheap


  • AMD Chipset A520 | AMD Ryzen 3 3100 3.6GHz 4-Core
  • 240GB SSD Solid State Drive | 8GB DDR4 SDRAM
  • 1x HDMI | AMD Radeon RX 550 2GB Graphics Video Card
  • Wi-Fi 802.11ac | 6x USB 3.1 | 2x USB 2.0 | 1x DisplayPort
  • Windows 10 Home Genuine 64-bit | Audio Channel 7.1 | 7 RGB colors gaming Mouse


Released by all the news advanced “Zen” manufacturer, the CYBERPOWER PC with the AMD Ryzen 3 Processor is a brilliant choice for top gamers and grateful to it is true quad-core performance. Get approachable, charming and virtual ready gaming for both esports and unplanned. From output to performing, the AMD Ryzen 3 also helps you to achieve your everyday tasks.

In every major economical esports gaming title, CYBERPOWER PC Gamer Master is highly considered by the choice of players and elite teams. For the top pro streamers, gaming events, and the major professional gaming establishments, it is the official gaming systems.

Dimensions of this cyberpower 800 dollar pc are “24.3” L, “22.3” W, and “12” inches H. this system has an operating system of Windows 10 Home with processor count of 4. Hard Drive Interface of this cyberpower 800 dollar pc is Serial ATA-600 with Hard Drive rotational speed of 5400 RPM. This system weighs about 26.6 pounds only.

Rendering to the latest reviews about desktops the choice of the top gamers, CYBERPOWER PC gaming desktops are the best systems. Because these systems are built for every gamer out there.  We challenge you to geton Our Level. Let us give you the tools to take you to top. Every game you control, every level you crash, every challenge you win, we want to be a part of that every step of the way. Boosted for gaming at high resolution and game settings.

  • Direct arrangement with straightforward side glass board
  • Firm case with space for augmentation
  • Faultlessly gathered connection system
  • High upkeep cost is a significant downside.
  • It does not have the most helpful USB Type-C port.

6. CyberpowerPC Gamer Xtreme Intel i5



  • Intel Chipset B460 | Intel Core i5-10400F 2.9GHz 6-Core
  • 500GB PCI-e NVMe SSD Solid Sate Drive | 8GB DDR4 SDRAM
  • NIVIDIA GeForce GTX 1660 Excellent 6GB Graphics Video Card | Windows 10 Home 64-bit
  • 1x DisplayPort | 1x HDMI | 6x USB 3.1 | 2x USB 2.0 | Wi-Fi 802.11ac
  • RJ-45 Network Ethernet 10/100/1000 | 7.1 Audio Channel | 7 RGB Colors gaming mouse


Introducing for its entry-level gaming PCs manufacturing some of our preferred budget PCs in the past, CYBERPOWER PC Gamer Xtreme has been popular. Since 2018, the CYBERPOWER PC Gamer Xtreme is the best example of CYBERPOWER PC’s performance that beasts in an eye-catching case. With the power to play any heading easily, it produced our editor’s choice for being cyberpower 800 dollar pc.

With an Intel Core i5-9400F processor, this powerful gaming desktop comes packed. In this review, we piece the Xtreme VR GXiVR8060A 10 finding its strengths against faults. But most prominently how cyberpower 800 dollar pc loads up against other gaming desktops in its price range.

Dimensions of this system are “18.8” L, “8.2” W, and “18.6” inches H. this package weighs about 30.4 pounds. Hard Drive Interface of this system is Solid State with rotational speed of 1 RPM. This cyberpower 800 dollar pc comes with an operating system OS of Windows 10 Home with processor count of 6.

This cyberpower 800 dollar pc comes in aappealing basic cardboard box. You’ll find inside it you system, RGB 7 colors gaming Mouse, keyboard, power cable. To link this system to Wi-Fi, you don’t need a Wi-Fi USB or Card, that is greatly considered of CYBERPOWER PC Gamer Xtreme.

As a gaming system, CYBERPOWER PC Gamer Xtreme markets this cyberpower 800 dollar pc, everyone is delighted with its powerful processor, however, it can manage more than just gaming. To power through their everyday tasks, users who are looking for an efficient systems for home using and their slight business can go through this consistent CYBERPOWE PC Gamer Xtreme.

  • Latest NIVIDIA GeForce GTX 1660 GPU
  • Open accumulating and convenient
  • Wide inside, a great deal for expansion
  • It is a very costly item.
  • Accessibility of this gadget in the stores isn't normal

Buying Guide

With several outlines at price points for buyers to click a purchase with our new Prompt gaming PCs, cyberpower 800 dollar pc makes selecting your next gaming systems easy. You should know that CYBERPOWER PC in the gaming world is a very apparent company. So, this company has offered confidential and sufficiently of updated gaming systems at equitable price.

The two main structures of the CyberPower PC are the speed and performance in the gaming desktops. For gaming in the upcoming days one must have a desktop system with updated hardware and to supply the purpose, cyberpower 800 dollar pc are better option. In these desktop systems the leading thing is its GPU and loaded with updated stipulations.

Operating Systems OS

With a genuine 64-bit Windows 10 Home right out of the box, this powerful machine originates. Since the operating system runs on the SSD drive, boot times are extremely fast. With your copy of windows, it’s nice that CyberPower PC chosen not to have any bloatware installed, never will you need weird software. So you don’t waste any RAM with superfluous programs running in the background, because it’s a clean copy. To squeeze your system, Bios on this PC is quite instinctive and deals several functions.


Processor is the only major part of any gaming desktop, and with multi cores top gamers have to select an updated processor to enjoy the story of any game fluently and efficiently at a high resolution.

For upcoming latest gaming forgoing processors aren’t capable to run them accurately. An actual ratio of Processor, RAM and GPU can develop any desktop systems more prominent.

Almost gaming desktops of cyberpower 800 dollar pc come with AMD Ryzen Processors. Whereas, AMD Ryzen or Intel Core-i7 are the major need of any gaming system. That’s why, every consumer must have to do proper research and for latest gaming have to be very choosy to choose the best processor. You have to choose it according to your appraised budget and according to the type of games you are going to play in cyberpower 800 dollar pc.


Is 800 dollars good for a gaming PC?

trying to make yourself the best $800 gaming pc possible? You can easily build a powerful gaming pc with that kind of budget which won’t need any upgrades for a long time. Without doing the same to your wallet, all of that hardware gives you a seriously awesome custom gaming PC that will help you destroy your competition! It’ll easily be able to handle AAA games in 1080p at 60fps or better and it’ll even give you solid 1440p performance as well!

Here, 800 dollars are good enough for the CYBERPOWER PC. It fully arises with Windows 10 Home already installed. So, the only thing left for you to do is to plug it in and turn it on.

With your 800 dollars budget, here are good alternatives cyberpower pc with brilliant experience. You can also use this system as a decent resolution gaming pc as it will be able to manage the most games on at least medium setting on monitor, if not higher.

Therefore, these cyberpower 800 dollar pc for gaming are going to be better option for people who don’t have greater than 800 dollar to spend. While running you favorite games, these gaming PC by cyberpower pc 800 supplies maximum performance. After a lot of experience CyberPower PC is highly considered as trusted gaming computer pc. These gaming system are traditional manufactured that includes desktops and PC with legendary performance.

Why is PC gaming so expensive?

Ans. Either you have been crushing buttons for decades or you have freshly gotten into gaming, you have likely pondered why PC gaming is so costly likened to console gaming.

At the current instant, for gamers as well as employees, the constant computer chip scarcity has made PCs that much more luxurious students, and everyone else who operates computers.

PC gaming would still be more costly than comfort gaming, if the supply chain were to be reverted to normal. Otherwise, for a little profit, no profit, or even at a loss, some gaming consoles are retailed.

PC hardware makers enjoy a comparably heavy margin right off the bat while videos game console makers regain their hardware losses by selling exclusive games. For each game played on their video game consoles, these cyberpower 800 dollar pc acquire a confident percentage of the certifying fee for each game played on their video game consoles.

Therefore, the primary blunt cost is that much larger than that of a video game console. With top-notch graphics and processing power, yet it up keeps thousands of games, you are definitely paying an attractive for a brand-new PC.

Remember that the revenue made on the trade of your new gaming PC might be fairly slender.


I know you got what you were considering for, If you came here looking to build yourself a tremendous $800 gaming PC. In our outlook, this manufacture sets out a lot of control for the price and as well as when it derives to a 1080p 60fps gaming, it’s possibly the best value PC, or even 1440p 60fps!

It’s going to take more than a year for this build, as I said at the starting of this build guide to need any kind of severe upgrades; and even then, you might only need to heave in some more RAM or something experimental easy like that. 

All-in-all, to build a better 1080p gaming PC, you will be hard-pressed for $800 in 2018; if you’re building it with an explicit game or persistence in mind! To grip all of your favorite AAA games in 1080p at 60fps without any difficulty, the power this build is storing is more than sufficient.

Any query about this build? Pondering how you could modify it? Getting into difficulties during the build process? We’ll do our best to help you, if you let us know in the comment section below.

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